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5 Spring Cleaning tips for your Computer.


September marks the beginning of spring, spring cleaning and this is the perfect time to look at your computer as well.

Unused programs, temporary internet and operating system files, and a disorganized hard drive take their toll on your computer, compromising its speed and performance, even its internet security. A serious spring cleaning will make your computer run faster and smoother, which means more peace of mind for you.

Whether you’re using a laptop or a desktop PC, here are the 5 cleaning tips we recommend:

First, back up all your important data. We recommend backing up to external hard drive or even using our online backup service called Dataworx

Get rid of the clutter in your system. Start with the most visible places – your desktop and the system tray or taskbar in the bottom right corner. You’ve probably gathered a whole collection of files, photos and MP3s on your desktop, but do you really need them there? Take your time and neatly arrange them into specialized folders. And what about the small icons you see in your taskbar? They all start up when you turn on your computer and that takes time and resources. A simple right-click will remove or turn off the ones you don’t actually need on a daily basis.

Reorganize your hard drive. The information you use on your computer every day gets stored onto the hard drive in bits and pieces, wherever it can find a place. This saves valuable time on given tasks, but it does have long-term consequences. When the information gets too disorganized, your computer has to work overtime to find it. You can put back the order in your hard drive by using the defrag tool that comes with your operating system (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter).

Update your software. To be in top shape, your computer needs an updated operating system and fully patched programs. Software is never actually “finished”, but continuously improved and patched. No program is perfect, so providers work hard even after they’ve sold it to you. And it’s not just about performance and speed. It’s about computer security, too. Outdated programs are responsible for vulnerabilities and secret entryways into your system, all of which can be used by hackers and malware to compromise your internet security. You can get these critical patches and updates from the manufacturer’s website yourself or if you are unsure please contact Brainworx first.

Clear your cache of temporary files. Every browsing session leaves behind small files in your Temporary Internet Files folder. So you can imagine how, over time, a huge collection of such items can affect your browsing speed and reduce the free space on your hard drive. You can get rid of them directly from your web browser or you can leave this task to the team at Brainworx.

Whether you carefully go through all the steps or just some of them, the time you spend now looking after the computer will actually save you a lot more time and effort in the long run.

If you are like me and hate spring cleaning, then let us take the pain out of this for you.

You may not be aware, but we offer an onsite service whereby we can come out onsite to look at the health of your computer. This includes things like:

 – Ensuring the backup is completing successfully and perform a test restore

 – Check that your Antivirus software is up to date

 – Check that your Windows updates are applying

 – Check hard drive free space

 – Physically vacuum dust out of the computer if required

 – Deleting temp files

 – Running firewall checks

 – Running Malware checks

 – Check for redundant background tasks that may be running that can be disabled or uninstalled

 – And resolving any specific issues/questions you have at that time of the visit

This allows us to take a proactive approach to maintaining your computer. Typical time onsite is 1 hour per machine – call now to book a time for your spring clean.

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