Have you ever experienced data loss in the past? Do you want to take your backup system to the next level and ensure your important files are safe? In case you haven’t heard, Brainworx now provides “cloud backups” for your computer as a monthly hosted service under the brand of Dataworx Online Business Backups. Plans start at just $35 +gst per month for up to 5GB of Data. If you have more data, ...


5 Spring Cleaning tips for your Computer.

September marks the beginning of spring, spring cleaning and this is the perfect time to look at your computer as well. Unused programs, temporary internet and operating system files, and a disorganized hard drive take their toll on your computer, compromising its speed and performance, even its internet security. A serious spring cleaning will make your computer run faster and smoother, which means more peace of mind for ...


So, you have taken the plunge and you have purchased a new computer. If you are like a lot of people you may hand it down to a family member or friend, sell it on Trademe or stick it out on the side of the road for the next inorganic collection. Or do you have old computers lying around and you don't know what to do with them. ...


To recap Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system. Initially Microsoft promised to deploy it to millions of PC’s worldwide on the 29 July 2015, through an upgrade process via Windows Update. Initially we were very concerned about this untested rollout and the confusion it was creating. Microsoft then changed their strategy, so that Windows 10 will have a staggered roll-out and the vast majority of upgraders will actually have to wait in line. “Starting on July ...


Are two monitors better than one?

I was recently asked for my opinion on using one large screen versus two smaller screens set up in extended desktop mode. To set the context this was a tower pc running Windows 7 Pro. Having come from one larger screen and now using dual screens, I do prefer dual screens and in our office we are even considering going to 3 separate screens. The first consideration is the size of the physical ...


Farewell to Windows Server 2003

There are many thousands of companies still using Windows Server 2003 quite happily but Microsoft support for this platform has ended so it’s time to say goodbye. When it comes to migrating away from this platform here are four common questions we get asked: 1. Is Microsoft still the way to go? Sure there are Linux servers that do lots of really cool stuff and run programs that do very similar things ...


The best backup for your business

These days there are a huge array of technologies for protecting your data and it is important to find the best solution for your needs. Here are the most popular options: USB drives USB-connected drives are not ideal for business because they rely on human intervention and the software is usually not very sophisticated. Thumb drives are also easily misplaced. On the plus side retention periods are reasonably good and quality of restored data tends to be high. The ...


Windows 10: the OS we should have had in 2012?

  After Window 8’s lukewarm reception in 2012, has Microsoft got it right with its upcoming Windows 10 operating system (OS)? Windows 8 was a radical departure from previous versions, but the company’s efforts to create an all-in-one OS for all devices alienated many users. The familiar Windows desktop and Start button were replaced by a completely redesigned default screen with touch-friendly ‘tiles’ – arguably making it more suited to tablets ...


Merry Christmas!

Brainworx hours over the holiday period The Brainworx office will be closed from 2pm Wednesday 24th December, opening Monday 12th January 2015. For emergency support during this period please contact either Mark or Donovan. With thanks for your Business and support, we do wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous year ahead in 2015. Safe travels and a festive holiday from the team at Brainworx Computer Services. Mark, Donovan and Jo


What you need to know about Windows Server 2012

Last September Microsoft launched Windows Server 2012, the third major release in the history of Windows Server. Here are the 5 most common Server 2012 questions: Is Server 2012 really better than the previous versions? Yes, it is. It’s faster, easier to use, more stable, better at managing large amounts of data and much better for virtualised environments. Microsoft has done a good job with Server 2012 and where it really shines is in mid-large workgroups ...