Welcome to Cloudworx a sub brand of Brainworx Computer Services.

Cloudworx is our offering of cloud based or online software solutions.

Many business owners, as they review their next server purchase or major software upgrade, will often weigh up if the cloud is right for them. To address this we have written an article which can be read here.

A lot of our competitors have a one size fits all mentality. One thing that sets us apart is that we work with you in a consultative approach, to help you decide if the cloud is right for your business. The cloud may not be suitable for you at all – or you may move all your business operations into the cloud – or you may go for a hybrid approach. From our experience the hybrid approach offers the best of both worlds – a mixture of both in house and cloud based solutions. The hybrid approach is the most flexible and allows us to create a fully personalised solution for you.

Under Cloudworx we are currently offering:

  1.  Dataworx online backups for servers and pc’s
  2.  Mailworx antispam for onpremise mail servers
  3.  Mailworx Hosted Exchange
  4.  Office 365
  5.  VoIPworx (coming soon)

To learn more about these Cloudworx solutions – please look to the menu under Cloudworx.