Mailworx Anti-spam

Is Spam a problem for you?

Are you fed up with starting each day fighting your inbox? Is spam wearing you down? How much time do you spend deleting spam?

And its not just time:

– spam can be offensive

– there is the real risk of threats in the form of attachments

– some spams are fishing attempts for personal information

– downloading spam uses up internet bandwidth

– and the risk of deleting valid emails as you try to cull out the spam each morning

– there is a real financial cost for loss of productivity per employee – with estimates around N.Z $1,000 per employee per year

So what can you do, to fight this invasion on your inbox?


Mailworx is an anti-spam email cleaning service for companies that own their own domain name and is a cloud service provided by Brainworx.

– Mailworx is paid monthly on subscription

– No contract or early termination fees

– Mailworx anti-spam is upwards of 98.5% effective and is receiving great feedback from our clients

– Mailworx is very secure and safe

– Mailworx keeps your inbox free of spam

How our Anti-Spam works

Emails are redirected through our anti-spam filter for scanning and are then passed onto your existing mail server. This means that you don’t need to change your existing email provider or server.

Our advanced Anti-Spam is suitable for organisations ranging from 1 user to 1000 users. All you need is your own Domain Name and you can use our anti-spam service.


Pricing is dependant on the amount of mailboxes you have, so simply fill in the form below and one of our helpful team will contact you back with pricing.

As a special for this month you don’t have to pay the setup fee of $120, so contact us today and Liberate Your Inbox!


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