Mailworx Hosted Exchange for Email

Is your old “pop” email account no longer working for you?

– Do you own your own domain name?

– Do you use multiple devices?

– Are you trying to track your emails, contacts and calendar appointments in real time across smart phones, tablets and your computers?

– And its not just the emails in your inbox, but sent items and emails stored in sub folders.

– Do you find that sometimes some of the information you want is on your main machine, but not where you need it on your phone or tablet?

So what can you do, to get your email system working for you?


Mailworx Hosted Exchange for Email.

Mailworx Hosted Exchange

Mailworx Hosted Exchange is a hosted email platform for companies that own their own domain name and is a Cloudworx service provided by Brainworx.

– Mailworx Hosted Exchange is paid monthly on subscription

– No contract or early termination fees

– Mailworx Hosted Exchange works seamlessly across all smart devices

– Dependant on your email client, Mailworx Hosted Exchange is compatible with Microsoft, iOS and Android

– Mailworx is very secure and safe and is based on the very popular Microsoft Exchange

– No storage limit on the size of your mailboxes

– Use Mailworx Hosted Exchange in conjunction with Mailworx antispam to keep your inbox free of spam (extra charge applies)


How our Mailworx Hosted Exchange works

There is setup involved when changing your  email platform. Your domain name mail records will need to be updated, your email will need to be exported from your current platform and then imported in to Mailworx Hosted Exchange and your email clients will need to be configured with the new account details. We can provide this service for you, or work with your existing IT support.

Our Mailworx Hosted Exchange is suitable for small to medium sized business. All you need is your own Domain Name.

We have created an FAQ page which may answer some of your questions and you can read that here.


Pricing is dependant on the amount of mailboxes you have, so simply fill in the form below and one of our helpful team will contact you back with pricing.


Mailworx Hosted Exchange


For further information please contact us.