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Dataworx Online Backups: A quick history lesson

Since computers first came into being, their number one nemesis has always been the loss or corruption of data.

Loss of data can come about in many different forms – hard drive failure, theft of data, theft of hardware, spilling coffee on your laptop, fire damage, water damage, files corrupting for unknown reasons, overwriting a file that you didn’t mean too! – you name it – we have pretty much seen it all.

Backups have come a long way since the early days of computing. These have included backing up to floppy drives, zip drives, CD’s, DVD’s, tapes and external hard drives.


A new era

The next generation of backups is now here – Dataworx.

Dataworx utilises the power of the internet to backup your data to a secure location. We call this “Dataworx Online Business Backups”, but you will also hear this referred to as “offsite” backups or “cloud” based backups.

As business internet plans have become faster and cheaper, online backups have now become affordable, easy to setup and provide you with greater piece of mind.

We promote a hybrid model of backing using Dataworx online backups, in addition to backing up to local external hard drives.

We learned very early on that no two businesses are the same and trying to come up with a “one plan fits all”, while it would advantage some clients, would definitely disadvantage others. With that in mind, Dataworx has pricing and plans to suit all budgets depending on your needs, site setup and risk management plan.


Never Lose a file again with Dataworx Online Business Backups

Have you ever experienced data loss in the past? Do you want to take your backup system to the next level and ensure your important files are safe?

In case you haven’t heard, Brainworx now provides “cloud backups” for your computer as a monthly hosted service under the brand of Dataworx Online Business Backups.

Plans start at just $35 +gst per month for up to 5GB of Data. If you have more data, our backup solutions can be scaled to meet the unique demands of your business.


For this month of September 2015 we have two FREE offers:

  1. A free remote evaluation (worth $120 +gst) to determine the amount of data you have and the appropriate plan for you
  1. Should you choose to go ahead with Dataworx we are offering free remote installation of the Dataworx backup solution (valued at $240 +gst)


Why Dataworx? Dataworx backup solutions are completely automated, totally secure, always reliable and we promise you zero data loss.


So give us a call today – we can discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with pricing, a plan and peace of mind.

Mark Coleman
About Mark Coleman
Director of Brainworx Computer Services and the sub brands of Mailworx and Dataworx

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