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The fun and Bizarre side of Google search and Google Games


Last month we brought you 5 useful tips for Google Search.

This month as we are coming to the end of another busy year we thought we would end on a slightly more upbeat note and look at 5 fun and bizarre Google Search features / games that you didn’t know existed.

So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy.

1. Do a Barrell Roll

Type do a barrel roll straight into the Google search bar and watch what happens as your screen spins around.

2. Google Zerg Rush

Type Zerg Rush straight into the Google search bar and watch as the Google OO’s try to gobble up your screen. This is actually a built in game whereby you double click the OO’s with the cross hairs of your mouse and delete the OO’s before they gobble up your search contents. Don’t worry its safe – you can cancel the game at any point by clicking on the “Clear” button.

3. Google Underwater

Click on this link  and the Google search bar and Google logo fall into an ocean of marine life. Click around in the water to make waves. And when you enter in search words, like “fish,” or “car’ the images will plop right into the water and down to the sea bed!

4. Google Snake

Another Google game – use your arrow keys to navigate the snake around the screen picking up food and other boosts. But beware of the dynamite!

5. Atari Breakout

Go to Google Images and search for Atari Breakout. This will bring up the popular Atari game from the 80’s where you position the paddle to ricochet the  ball around the screen and break through the images – what high score can you get?


Google may well be the most powerful search engine in the world, but they do also have a sense of fun – and its easy to see what happens when programmers have way too much free time on their hands :o)

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