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Hosted Exchange FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions for Mailworx Hosted Exchange.

1. What is the maximum size a hosted Exchange mailbox can be with Mailworx?

There is no size restriction on the amount of email that people store on Mailworx Hosted Exchange which is a big plus

2. Why should I use Mailworx Hosted Exchange and not another online service?Mailworx Hosted Exchange FAQ

  1.  Local NZ hosting
  2.  Local NZ support
  3.  Pay as you go
  4.  Pay for what you need
  5.  Per user license
  6.  Always current version

3. I only have only have one mailbox on my domain name, can I still sign up?

Yes there is no minimum quantity of mailboxes to sign up to

4. I have heard about Data Sovereignty. What does that mean?

Data Sovereignty means that your digital data is subject to the laws or legal jurisdiction of the country in which it is stored. This is very significant because a lot of people do not question where their data is stored. Many people assume it is New Zealand if they are dealing with a New Zealand company. However your data could be stored in Australia, Singapore, United States or England to name a few country locations. We saw this when the United States brought about the Patriot Act after 911 in its fight against terrorism. The Act provided law enforcement officials with greater authority to monitor internet activity including emails and website visits.

Mailworx Hosted Exchange and your data is based in New Zealand so subject to New Zealand laws.

5. Where are my emails physically located?

Your Mailworx Hosted Exchange email box will be stored in data centres in both Auckland and Hamilton – New Zealand

6. Our current on-premise email server was configured to prevent emails sending a Winmail.dat file. How completely can Mailworx prevent outgoing emails being sent with this attachment?

Brainworx has seen this problem before with both on premise and hosted Exchanges, and our methods are very effective at resolving this problem.

Known variously as Winmail.dat, Mail.dat and Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF), Brainworx has developed a number of methods that involve:

  1.  Cleansing old ‘suggested contacts’ including those from legacy Outlook 2007 ‘suggested contacts’ files.
  2.  Purging corrupted contacts from the public folder.
  3.  Forcing Outlook to send email as ‘HTML’; and:
  4.  In some rare cases such as Macintosh based recipients: modifying the contact to receive the message as text only

7. What is the set-up process for Mailworx Hosted Exchange?

In a brief summary the setup is done in 8 stages:

  1. Discovery and documentation
  2. Provisioning your account on the Mailworx servers
  3. Instructing your Domain name holder with new mail records (called MX records)
  4. Exporting the current email data
  5. Setting up the email client (typically Microsoft Outlook)
  6. Importing the email data on to the Mailworx servers
  7. Ensuring Caching is working
  8. Sign off

8. First synchronisation: How long will it take to complete the first synchronisation of the mailbox?

There are two main factors that will govern the timeframe that the initial seeding will take. They are the size of the data and the upload speed on your internet connection.

The common internet connection types are: ADSL, VDSL and Fibre.

In New Zealand an ADSL connection has an upload speed that is between 0.5 MBPS and 1.0 MBPS. This is very slow and the process may need to be managed

so that outside of your business hours, we turn off the synchronisation and resume it out-of-hours. We have measured on a 1 MBPS upload speed,

approximately 3 gigabytes transferred overnight, starting at 05:30 until 07:30 in the morning.

VDSL and fibre are very much faster, however a line speed test, and an understanding of your usage patterns will allow us to better estimate the timeframe for this this process.

We do offer a service whereby we can  save your email data to an external hard drive and drive it around to the datacentre and manually seed to the server. We normally only do this for very large mailboxes and will advise you if we think this step is necessary

9. What are the options for Mailworx Hosted Exchange?

There are three subscription options as follows:

  1. Limited version of Hosted Exchange – Outlook Web Access Only (access email only through a web browser)
  2. Full version of Hosted Exchange – using your own version of Outlook (our most popular offering)
  3. Full version of Hosted Exchange + Licence for Outlook (most expensive option)

10. How do you set up out of office messages?

This is done by either logging in to Outlook Web Access and configuring there, or creating a rule under the Outlook program its self.

11. Are there security policies for smart phones – for example if the phone is stolen?

Yes there are. If your phone is stolen we can remotely wipe all data from the device. If your phone is stolen just let us know and we will initiate the wipe.


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