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LifeProof Case for your iPhones


We all know iPhones are expensive, so why not protect your investment with a lightweight yet rugged casing which is dirt proof, dust proof, shock proof, snow proof and water proof.

Brainworx can now supply LifeProof cases for your iPhone which does all of the above. I have personally used one for approximately 2 years now with my iPhone 5s and I can highly recommend the LifeProof case. Whether biking, running, rain or shine, my iPhone has survived all the elements plus being dropped on numerous occasions. The phone its self has never suffered a scratch, never had the screen damaged and has never had to be repaired.

The case really does fortify your device without compromising touch screen sensitivity – and as I say – highly recommended.

Leave nothing behind

Waterproof and drop proof, LifeProof takes your iPhone into every adrenaline-filled adventure and back again.

 – Thin, light and tough all-protective case

 – Compatible with the iPhone Touch ID

 – Complete access to all buttons, ports and controls

 – Anti-reflective optical-glass camera lens

 – Maximum sound output and clarity

 – Clear case back highlights the legendary Apple design

 – Slim, sleek profile hugs your iPhone’s precision lines

Life beyond the limits

LifeProof is the freedom to live and share every adventure – and come back with pics to prove it.  While your phone stays completely waterproof and drop proof, you get an uninterrupted touch and visual experience.

Small size – Massive function.

LifeProof  works with every iPhone  feature and function, including Touch ID. And, while barely adding to the size of your smartphone, LifeProof iPhone waterproof cases give you a shot of smart style.

Sights + Sounds

Looking through an AR-coated optical glass lens, LifeProof Apple iPhone cases turn your phone into an on-the-go action cam. All the while protecting that powerful, yet delicate Apple camera. And, the dynamic speaker design cranks up the volume so you can crank up the throttle!

Contact us now for with your iPhone model for your special pricing!

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