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Norwex Optic Cloth


We are often asked by clients; “how can they clean their monitors”. Now here is a great little product that makes cleaning your monitors a breeze.

It is a superior, quality microfibre cloth from Norwex called the Optic cloth.

Norwex Optic Cloth

Eyeglasses, CD’s and camera lenses all work better if the light is perfectly reflected or absorbed evenly without distortion. Using the wrong cloth to clean such delicate surfaces can easily cause scratches. The more light that passes through a glass object the cleaner it needs to be to reflect and re-direct that light.

The Norwex Optic Cloth is a pocket-sized microfiber cloth specially designed for removing greasy finger prints and residues from small surfaces. The tight weave minimizes the cloth’s ability to hold dust that could scratch. Use the Norwex Optic Cloth for:

– Reading glasses

– Sunglasses

– Camera and binocular lenses

– Cleaning CD’s and DVD’s

– Computer and TV screens

– LCD panels

– Smart Phones

– Any small surface where light is critical

For cleaning glasses, moisten and polish dry. For cleaning CD’s, LCD panels and computer screens, dampen optic cloth lightly and wipe CD, panel or screen. Wipe until dry. Always wipe from centre to the outer edge. It should NOT be used on anti-glare coated surfaces.

Price is only $14 +gst

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