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When should you retire your IT equipment?


I am frequently asked this question and my answer is that you should replace computers and servers at the end of their depreciation cycle.

There are several reasons behind this:

  1. The computer has no book value and as far as your business is concerned it is no longer an asset. Indeed; this can be the turning point where a previously inexpensive computer to maintain could start to cost you more money as it ages and requires more attention.
  2. The hardware is at the end of its expected lifetime. Four years is the life-span that the manufacturer would expect you to get out of your computer. The hard-drive has an expected lifespan of three years. This advice is especially true of server equipment because it runs 24×7 and the majority of the business information is located there. A brief outage can be expensive with respect to loss of productivity — a catastrophic failure could mean the end of the business, especially if you have no backup or disaster recovery plans in place.
  3. Newer computers are faster, more reliable, can run more programs in parallel, so this in turn, means your staff will be more productive.
  4. Being current at the hardware level means that you can remain current at the software level.
  5. There is also the question; are your aging computers still fit-for-purpose? If the answer is no, then it is time to architect a new solution. Workarounds and band-aid fixes will only take you so far and will lead to compromises that could increase the overall running costs while lowering your business efficiency.

Sometimes as a business owner your hand will be forced, a computer dies without warning, its outside of warranty, its over 4 years old and so replacement is required. However we always believe it is better to replace a computer in a proactive manner while we can still access the file structure and migrate data as required. Too often its left too late, the computer dies and we cant recover anything if there were no backups in place.

This brings us to affordability: many companies try to extend the life of their equipment to a point where we often feel uncomfortable as the support provider. This is often done because of cash flow and budget restraints – which can be a false economy.

However there are other alternatives to out right purchasing. Brainworx offers:

– Credit card payments

– Rental options

– and Lease to own

Next to purchasing outright, the most popular option by far is the lease to own.

So talk to us today about upgrading your IT equipment, before it starts hurting your business!


Mark Coleman
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