Business Broadband

Fast and Reliable… Brainworx has business broadband plans to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes.

What we offer:

    • Confirmation of broadband services available at your business address

    • Subject to available infrastructure we can provide ADSL, VDSL and Fibre connections

    • Provide a Static IP Address on all our plans

    • Unlimited Data plans

    • Plans with a range of connection speeds, to suit your needs and budget

    • Backing of a local, NZ owned, telecommunications company, who provide ultra – fast broadband across the country

    • Fast and reliable connections

In business, everything hinges on the speed and reliability of your broadband connection – from email, video conferencing and online platforms to uploading and downloading files, which is why Brainworx offers fast and reliable broadband!

If you are looking to upgrade your broadband, shifting to new premises, or a start-up company looking for a new internet connection then contact us today for your free business address check and quote!