Domain Name Registration

Brainworx offers a full domain name registration service. Come to us with your great domain name ideas and we can tell you if they are available. If they are – we can register the domain name and if necessary, park it until you are ready to start using it. If it’s not available we can work with you to come up with an alternative name.

Once you are ready to start using your domain name, Brainworx can manage the setup of your email and website domain name records.

12 Domain Name Tips

    1. Choose a domain name that supports your branding. The domain name becomes the address for your website, meaning its the first thing your website visitors see – so create a good first impression

    2. Choose a domain name that isn’t too long and is easy to type, as it forms your email address 

    3. Make sure its also easy to pronounce, you will tell many people your email and website address, so it needs to roll off the tongue

    4. Consider using keywords in your domain name to help with search engine rankings

    5. If your business is local, consider using your region in the name to assist with search engine rankings

    6. Avoid confusion – leave out hyphens and numbers 

    7. If conjoining words ensure the combination doesn’t have  an offensive or inappropriate meaning that results in making a joke of your domain name

    8. Research the domain name to check for possible trade mark and copyright infringements

    9.  Choose the right domain name extension for your domain. The extension is the suffix of your domain name, such as: .com,, .nz, or org. If you want international traffic you should consider .com, if you want New Zealand based traffic you should use, .nz or another NZ based extension

    10. Think long term. If you decide to change your domain name down the track, it will cost you money, rebranding, and search engine rankings

    11. Check the domain names history. When you are choosing a domain, don’t forget that you might not be its first owner. Before you purchase, check your preferred domain’s search engine optimization (SEO) and backlink history. If there was another website using your domain in the past, there may be positive, or negative, SEO consequences.

    12. Don’t wait too long to order. Domain names sell quickly!

Pricing varies for domain name subscriptions, depending on the extension used, so talk to the team at Brainworx for your free quote, and we can help you secure your domain name.

Let Brainworx take care of your Domain Name Registration today!
Let Brainworx take care of your Domain Name Registration today!