Cyber Security

For many years, in IT, security meant we supplied you antivirus and a firewall solution. These days that’s not enough – businesses need robust cyber security. 

Today’s businesses are faced with a number of risks ranging from hacking, viruses, ransomware, phishing emails, data breaches to denial of service attacks

Points of entry may be from USB drives, users unknowingly visiting malicious or compromised websites, email links and attachments, unsecured logins and bring your own devices such as laptops and smart phones. 

We have a saying “there is no longer a silver bullet that can protect you against such a wide range of threats”. As a business you need multiple layers of security and defense.

We manage your Cyber Security through:

    • Patch Management
    • Managed Antivirus
    • Managed Anti-malware
    • Web Protection
    • Mail Filtering
    • Cloud Backups
    • Firewall
So contact us now for an audit of your cyber security requirements and peace of mind.